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Wood Floor NYC Hardwood floor nyc is a full service company specializes in providing all types of hardwood flooring services in New York and the surrounding area. Whether you are building your new home or renovating the existing floor – we are Wood Floor NYC the company to rely on. Wood Floor NYC are committed to provide residential or commercial hardwood flooring service with the utmost satisfaction, innovative methods and attention to detail that allow our customers nothing but a complete peace of mind. We use the best personnel, techniques and materials because our customers deserve the best!

Wood Floor NYC, providing 24/7 Hardwood floor service across NYC,NY.

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    Do you need Hardwood Floor Installation business? Do you want Hardwood Floor Installation? We can do it all. We install and service commercial hardwood flooring in restaurants, banquet halls, wedding venues, ballroom dance floors, gym floors, aerobic studio floors, yoga studio wood floors, basketball courts, squash courts, spas and health clubs, theater stage wood floors. If you have a hardwood floor in a commercial building or retail space, you need a floor that is tough enough to withstand heavy traffic and abuse.Just contact Hardwood Floor Installation NYC now.
    We are commercial hardwood flooring experts and deals with all kind of floor installation and repairs in the office and other commercial establishments. This includes Floor new installation, repairs, set up sports flooring, parquet flooring, floor sanding and renovation and sports court markings. Our priority is to provide you with the highest quality products and offer professional service.
    Contact us for all types of Business Hardwood Flooring installation and sales in NYC.
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    Hardwood Floor Refinishing NYC

    Wood Floor Refinishing NYC have the knowledge and experience to give your wood floors a quality new finish. Wood Floor Refinishing NYC also have the proper equipment to handle the job efficiently, including power sanders to remove the existing finish and to prepare the wood to accept new stain. Unless you have experience in this area, a project of this magnitude can get complicated.We provide quality service with courteous manner, leaving you no less than satisfied.
    Hardwood Floor Refinishing NYC are one of the most recommended floor refinishing companies in the entire NYC area best known for our service excellence and promptness.

    With Wood Floor Refinishing NYC You know what to expect:
    We are proud to offer incredible customer service
    We strive to maintain our service excellence, reputation and integrity.
    Personalized attention and a stress-free hardwood floor refinishing experience
    We are affordable, honest and transparent.
    We are skilled in all phases and all types of hardwood floor refinishing
    No matter which type and style of hardwood floor you may have – we’ve just got you covered.
    We also provide free, no obligation estimates. Read More

    "Wood Floor NYC is fully insured, providing top quality craftsmanship, service, and reliability

    Sanding Hardwood Floors NYC
    The purpose of sanding the floors is to remove the old finish and prepare the surface for a new finish.
    You can then choose to stain the floor or leave it natural; this is followed by buffing and sealing the floor with either an oil- or water-based polyurethane. While refinishing can be done as a DIY project, it involves renting specialized equipment, a good bit of muscle and can get pretty messy. We like to seal off the room with plastic sheeting before you begin the sanding process. If you’re not comfortable with using big machines or don’t have the time to do the job right, give us a call 718-717-1138.
    As the years past that great investment can face some normal wear and tear, especially your floors. The traffic of the meaning generations can cause your wooden floors to lose that luster look it once had. When you are faced with that problem, don’t hesitate to call your local professional floor technicians.
    Sanding floors is a craftsmanship that takes a while to master. This art of transforming the look of rusty boards or 100-years-old parquet into an elegant new look. These are the steps
    used to sand a floor. Read More

    Staining Hardwood Floors
    There are many different stain shades available. Although color charts are helpful, what looks right printed on paper will always look different on its intended surface. Furthermore different types of hardwood floors can look different with the same stain, and stain will look differently on refinished flooring than on newly installed wood. Therefore before you start to stain ensure you are talking to professionals. We would be happy to help you choose the right shade for your floor. Read More
    Repair Hardwood Floor
    Every floor receives minor damage from the normal wear and tear of life. That damage can be handled by your routine maintenance supplemented by a regular, professional care of your flooring with repairs.Wood Floor Repair NYC do hardwood floor repairs of any kind. If you have any problems with your floor give us a call. Our time tested techniques will ensure that our service is second to none. Read More

    Wood Floor NYC provider Wood Floor service in the area of NYC
    Top notch Wood floor service with smile:
    We realize that every NYC customer has a different combination of flooring needs. Our job is to understand those unique parameters so we can execute and formulate the best solution for it. We treat your home like it was our own, by finding the right hardwood floor design that represents you and your precious asset in a more valuable way.
    We do all floor type installations as well as staining, sanding, buffing and refinishing of hardwood floors. We also do necessary sub floor preparation & demolitions, custom design wood work, including rails and stairs and repairs. Our staff is well trained, professional and ready to take on even the hardest job with confidence and smile. So if you have a hardwood flooring job, we have got the right individuals for you. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
    We Love to Delight our Customers. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the astonishing hardwood flooring service with utmost satisfaction and professionalism.
    Our team members are licensed, prompt and courteous to ensure that they do not disrupt your busy day. We have the skills, expertise and experience to handle all the flooring project scopes. We have a proven track record along the manpower, methodology and right infrastructure ensure that your project is completed in accordance with your safety requirements and schedule.
    Wood Floor NYC
    Think about it, every time you hire a Wood Floor Nyc you have to pay for clean-up, travel times, preparation, etc. By hiring Wood Floor Nyc for hardwood floors you only pay that fee once. Most companies tell you that estimates are free, emailing the company is free, calling the company is free, Insurance, etc. Since our company is offering both of these services our overhead is lower, so we can therefore offer lower prices for package deals that include both hardwood floors and painting services. The convenience of having one contact for your painting and hardwood floor job Guaranteed to beat the pricing of any major hardwood floor company (You know, the companies on TV commercials spending millions of dollars a year on commercials- we have no overhead and luckily don't have to 'pay for our customers) The convenience of not having the hassle of trying to schedule the flooring company and the painters. Then having to worry about if both happen to be available the exact days you need them to be available, the endless back and forth calls to tell the painter what the floor guys doing, and vice versa.
    30-day limited* warranty on all work completed- including floors and painting. see below for what's included. Extremely useful and convenient for customers that have limited time between closing date and move-in date Satisfaction of knowing a 5-star company is running both of your painting and hardwood flooring jobs. We didn't spend 8 years accumulating five-star reviews to start doing bad work now! If Wood Floor Nyc is offering a service you can be sure it will be top-notch. As our reviews have proven. Types of Flooring Services Offered o Hardwood floor staining and refinishing o Hardwood floor repair o Hardwood floor installation o Wood Laminate floor installation Choosing a Type of Wood for Your Hardwood Floor Installation Which Wood Species Is Right for You? Pine - This wood is often overlooked for flooring, but it's very affordable at approximately average per square foot. However, the hardest pines must be imported to North America, so they'll cost more than indigenous pine. Pine is also a more sustainable type of wood because pine trees grow faster than many hardwood trees. High-quality, vertical cut pine floors are very durable and will hold up well over the years. Pine floors can be selected in colors ranging from golden yellow to deep red. Although pine flooring is often sold unfinished, your house painter can finish the floor after installation. Walnut - This soft hardwood floor has a wide color range, but dark walnut hardwood floors are popular currently. Walnut hardwood floors require minimal maintenance, and they're available in several style variations, such as plank, parquet, and strip. Walnut tends to cost average per square foot, and while proper installation will help to reduce noise, you may still hear footsteps on your floors. Types of walnut include American, Asian, and Brazilian. American walnut, or royal walnut, is readily available throughout the United States, but it isn't as hard as Asian or Brazilian walnut. Asian walnut, or acacia, is quite hard, so it ages well despite frequent foot traffic. Brazilian walnut has a dark finish and is very hard, but it's an expensive hardwood option.
    Mahogany - This is one of the hardest types of hardwood flooring, so it resists denting and scratching very well. Mahogany has a signature red hue, and its grain pattern can vary. It's reasonably priced at approximately $8 per square foot. Additionally, mahogany absorbs UV rays and resists fading, so it can be placed in rooms with direct sunlight. However, be prepared for the wood to darken as it's exposed to sunlight. Your house painter may suggest purchasing lighter mahogany to allow for this gradual darkening.
    Inspecting Wood
    Inspect all materials products prior to installation. Do not install defective materials. Wood is a natural product with natural color variations, grain variations, and tone variations. Though products do undergo a rigorous inspection process before leaving the plant, it is still necessary to inspect the materials in order to ensure their quality. Installation of defective materials could result in voiding your warranty.
    Order of Installation In order to ensure that no damage is done to the wood over the course of construction, particularly in the case of homes under construction and renovation, wood flooring should always be installed after all other installations are finished. Additionally, foot traffic should be kept to a minimum after the installation of the floor is complete. If a protective cover is placed over the floor at this time, make sure that the entire floor is covered as many kinds of wood are sensitive to light and will undergo a color change.
    Crawl Space and Subfloor Specifications Before installation, ensure that all basements and crawl spaces are dry. The crawl space also needs to allow for at least 18 inches between the joists and the ground. A vapor barrier/retarder has to cover 100% of the crawl space, with the joints of the vapor barrier overlapping at least 6 inches. The vapor barrier itself should extend six inches up the stem wall, where it must be attached and sealed. Finally, there must be a constantly operating mechanical exhaust and perimeter wall insulation or conditioned air supply with insulation.
    Wood Sub-Floors
    Wood sub-floors must be secured with screws or nailed. Nails need to be ring shank and screws must be counter sunk. In the event that the wood sub-floor is less than 3/4? thick, add a single cross layer with a minimum thickness of 5/16? for a total of 1? inch of thickness in order to combat possible squeaking after installation. There must be no oil, existing adhesives, wax, grease, urethane, dirt, varnish, paint, etc. on the wood subfloor. Particleboard is not a possible sub-flooring option for staple or nail down installation, but it can be sufficient for a glue down installation. Subfloors must not measure over 12% moisture content. Additionally, the hardwood flooring's moisture content and that of the subfloor can not have a difference of more than 4%.
    Protecting Hardwood Prior to Installation It is paramount that the wood is not delivered or stored at the site until the building is enclosed, as storing wood in these conditions will cause adverse effects as a result of fluctuating outdoor humidity and temperature values. Once the building is enclosed, don't bring or install the wood into the house until it has been brought to the temperature and relative humidity that it will kept at with the future occupants present. Additionally, don't deliver or install the hardwood until painting of primer coats, drywall, texturing, masonry, and concrete is finished.
    Grade Consideration
    For the different grades of a house, there are different restrictions for which types of hardwood can be installed. For above-grade and on-grade installation, engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, and a floating floor are all acceptable. However, at below-grade, only floating floors and engineered hardwood are options. Should the ground around a building be 3 or more inches above the floor of that level, that level is considered below-grade, and thus ineligible for solid hardwood. Acclimating Hardwood Flooring Preparing the Wood
    Acclimating Hardwood is often an essential task for ensuring the wood doesn't undergo any unforeseen dimensional shifts after or even during the installation. While acclimating, make sure not to store hardwood in a location where the temperature and humidity is not that of the living space within the house, such as a garage or exterior patio. Preferably, the house should have all of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems running for at least five days before the hardwood arrives for acclimation. Checking Boards' Moisture Content The relationship between the moisture content of the hardwood boards and that of the subflooring determines whether or not the wood is acceptable for installation. In order to ascertain these moisture values, check various boards' moisture content, approximately 4 boards for every 100 square feet. If the wood is solid and wider than 3?, then there should be no more than a 2% difference between the moisture content of the wood after it has acclimated and the subflooring. With hardwood that is narrower than 3?, the difference between the moisture content of the hardwood and the subfloor should be no more than 4%. As a general rule, wood floor maintains dimensional stability best within a temperature range of 60-80° Fahrenheit and a humidity range of 30-50%. The two exceptions to this rule apply to imported and exotic wood species, as they may react differently to these circumstances and extreme geographical circumstances. Processes of Moisture Testing Subfloor Moisture Testing In order to get an accurate reading of the sub-floors moisture level, test approximately 2 locations per every 100 square feet and take the mean average of these values. If there is an unusually high value in one particular region, this probably indicates a problem that should be attended to prior to installation. There are various moisture tests that can be performed to determine whether moisture levels are acceptable for installation. The acceptable moisture conditions for installation are: o Moisture readings of less than 14% when using an equivalent moisture meter on wood substrates. o Calcium chloride test producing results of less than 3 pounds/1000 square feet/24 hours. o A reading of less than 5.0 on a Concrete Moisture Counter. Vapor Barriers Vapor barriers for hardwood and wood sub-floors are sometimes referred to as vapor retarders. They can be a membrane, vapor resistant material, or covering with a vapor resistance rating at or above .7 perms, or at or below 50 perms. They are effective at alleviating moisture problems by protecting the hardwood from ground moisture and condensation. They also provide a number of other benefits, including noise reduction, dust reduction, and the elimination of wood-on-wood contact.
    However, different vapor barriers work more effectively than others in given circumstances. In the case of a wood subfloor, an impermeable vapor barrier with a rating of .7 or less shouldn't be used. With this level of impermeability, the vapor barrier could possibly trap moisture in or on the wood subfloor. In the case of a concrete subfloor, there are a variety of methods to test its moisture, including calcium carbide testing, calcium chloride testing, or relative humidity testing. Before testing, the concrete is required to be at least 30 days old. Various retailers provide concrete moisture meters and relative humidity kits. You can contact the NWFA to find a retailer near you. Unfortunately, these tests cannot guarantee a concrete slab that is completely free of moisture all year round.
    The vapor barrier specifications for a concrete subfloor diverge from the wood subfloor specifications by requiring a very high level of impermeability at .15 perms or lower, allowing for little or no moisture movement.

    Installing Solid Hardwood Flooring

    When preparing to install solid hardwood flooring, be sure that you do not install over an area with radiant heat. 15 lbs. asphalt felt must be laid to install, and a moisture barrier of 6 mil polyethylene film may also be necessary. This protects against moisture rising up from below and also helps prevent squeaking. Install the vapor barrier parallel to the direction of the flooring. Make sure that the vapor barrier has a 3? overhang around the perimeter, and that it overlaps each previous run by at least 6?.
    Door frames in the flooring area can be cut approximately 1/16 of an inch higher than the hardwood being installed to increase the ease of installation and avoid complex cuts. Take boards out of several boxes in order to ensure good tonal variety and mixture in the floor. Lay your flooring at a 90° angle to the floor joists whenever possible. Using an external wall as a reference, snap a working line parallel to the reference wall, allowing for the requisite expansion space indicated by the wood's manufacturer.
    Put down a row of planks that runs along the length of the working line. Make sure the tongues are always facing out as using the tapping block on the plank's groove could damage the board. Blind nail and top nail the first row, while being sure to use only the appropriate fasteners. Research the species of wood you're installing to determine whether or not it will require pre-drilling in order to nail it down. We recommend 18 gauge cleats over staples for most exotic hardwoods to minimize the potential of tongue splitting. The later rows of boards should be blind nailed whenever possible. Also, attempt to nail the boards into joists whenever possible. Nails should be 1-2? from the ends of the boards and every 4-6? along the edge of the boards, going in at a 45° angle. Make sure to stagger your boards such that no two end joints are within three rows or 6? of each other.
    Once installation is complete, use appropriate trim moldings and wall moldings along walls and doorways to cover edges and conceal gaps resulting from any irregularities in perimeter dimensions. Use a flooring filler to fill in any wide seems along joints that blend with the tone of the wood. Clean the floor with a recommended hardwood flooring cleaner.
    Wood Floor Buffing
    Proper hardwood care adds life to your flooring. Wood is designed to last for decades when properly cared for, cleaned, and polished. The polishing process, also called buffing, removes minor scratches or scuffs and gives your floor a lustrous shine that can last for years. Although the basic process of buffing a floor is simple, it is a time-consuming process that involves deep cleaning and professional buffing equipment. We only use products that are specifically designed for your style and type of wood flooring and safe, soft buffing pads that bring out the shine and beauty original to your floors.
    Floors with a protective surface-like urethane or a clear coat-will benefit from being polished, but floors with penetrating finishes-like those rubbed with oil or unfinished-can be waxed but not polished. Our professionals can determine which kind of floor you have and recommend the right care.
    How to Care for Your NYC Home's Hardwood Flooring Tips
    Damp Mop Once a Month
    Like any non-carpeted flooring surface, hardwood requires routine mopping to maintain its beauty. Unlike many other flooring types, however, you need to be cautious not to use too much moisture for this job, as too much moisture can cause your hardwood flooring to warp and even rot over time.
    To ensure that your hardwood flooring remains clean without causing it to suffer any of these issues, you need to use damp mopping. Use a flat mop with a microfiber head, and instead of wetting it, simply mist its head with a cleaner made specifically for hardwood flooring. Thoroughly Remove Dirt with a Gentle Brook or Vacuum Unlike many other flooring options, hardwood can suffer significant damage if there is a great enough accumulation of dirt on it. This dirt acts as something of gritty sandpaper that scrapes and damages your flooring as you walk and spread it about. So, you need to keep dirt as thoroughly removed from your hardwood as you can. Similar to the mopping process, the process of removing dirt from your hardwood flooring requires care to avoid damages. This care is simple enough: Simply use a soft-bristled broom if you opt to sweep. You can vacuum, but take care with your vacuum's wheels, and never use a spinning nozzle attachment. Be Mindful with Furniture on Your Hardwood Flooring Surely you don't intend to dedicate an entire room of your Chicago home to your hardwood flooring and nothing more. No, you'll furnish that space to make it home. Of course, hardwood doesn't always mix so well with furniture -- at least not the legs and other parts of furniture that come in contact with it. Heavy furniture pieces can dig into your hardwood flooring, leaving unsightly indentations and scuffs that can impact its look. To avoid these eyesores, take a little extra care with heavy furniture pieces on the hardwood. This care can be as simple as putting gentle pads under furniture leggings. The added benefit here is that your furniture will be easy to move about.

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    Specialists in detailed Eco Hardwood Floor Refinishing (non sanding hardwood floor refinishing, safe-air sanding practices for complete color changes, restoration/preservation, repairs, seamless color blending on damaged or faded areas, innovative staining (ebonys, white washed, walnuts, coffees, oaks, grays, charcoals, mixed stains), and an array of clear high quality/high durable quick drying finishes


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